Let your every breath, every movement, every act be a prayer

Said Christ to the people gathered at his mother's house (in Jerusalem) to meet him:

"Let every breath and movement you take be a prayer. Let all acts of yours be a devotion to your heavenly Father.
Let your prayer not be forced and let it come naturally through you unto heavens.
Wherever you are, let that place be a church.
Do not join prayers in congregation that are meant to be seen by the world, as a show of your piety, as none is holier than others."

Then Jesus left that scene to go in the wilderness of the desert alone.

Parable of damned tribesmen

There were certain tribesmen, who were waiting for their anointed one, to save them from people of other nations surrounding them. When he arrived, in their envy, they killed him. Now there was no one to save these tribesmen from their enemies. Soon these tribesmen were enslaved by their enemies, forced to kiss their enemies' feet. Now that was one stiffnecked people. They were punished for killing their messiah. Their similitude is that of 12 trees that were thrown in the furnace for their wood, because they bore no fruit, shed their leaves, so they were of no use.