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In the wind we hear their laughter In the rain we see their tears


Dangoule Rasalaite 16: Anyone poor is a saint, every grave a church

Dangoule Rasalaite16

Saith Christ to his disciples, "Consider these clergymen who preach in my name, their lives in luxury, spent in expensive churches created in my name, where they sin and preach blasphemy. They are not of me."

"For the church created for me is that in a beggar's place of worship, wherever he sitteth, that is my church."

"In the graveyards, see my kingdom, their graves is my church, whosoever believeth in me, he establishes my kingdom on this earth."

"What good is baptism on a body that is not full of the Holy Spirit? Truly i tell you, a soul that is baptised in the Holy Spirit is better than a man who performeth the rituals of baptism only to be seen by the world. That man is not baptised, for the baptism of your holy spirit is done by faith and deeds unseen by the world and its people."

"Woe unto those who drinketh my blood, yet follow not my path, the path towards deliverance,  call themselves christians, they bel…

Sainthood of Dangoule Rasalaite: Canonization

16-year-old Dangoule Rasalaite from Lithuania was instead locked up in an apartment in Arlöv in Sweden and forced into prostitution.

A few months later she took her life by jumping from a bridge railing in Malmo.

One of Dangoule’s footprints was clearly visible in the soil in a flower pot that was hanging at the bridge railing.

She was carrying no passport and no identification documents, but police found three handwritten letters in her pocket to friends in Lithuania.

There, she told me that she had been deceived in Sweden with the promise of better jobs—but that she instead had been forced to sell her body.

With a false passport in her pocket, Dangoule Rasalaite landed at the airport in Kristianstad, 17 September 1999.

She was probably a young girl full of hopes. Perhaps this was her way out of poverty and social misery in her home village Ziezmariai.

Dangoule Rasalaite was born on 19 May 1983. She was an abandoned child. The father was missing and when Dangoule was…